Truancy and home ed

Newly released data has shown a rise in truancy by 18% this is using a new way of counting absences. This is higher in secondary schools. Allegedly there are authorities, that are in there bid to lower there level of truancy are handing out “home education forms” to the families and communities of high offenders. These are communities like travellers. There is no hard evidence to prove this point. But it was believed that they are handing out pre-typed de-registration letters so that parents/ careers will be left alone.

Home education charity Education Otherwise feels that it gives home education a bad name and makes home education stats wrong.

I have to say a few years ago my son who has Aspergers and ADHD was permanently excluded from his local school. This left a gap where the services to cope with his education was not available. We did manage to get three hours a week home education supplied by the local authority after about four months wait. My point is there is not the resources for the services to offer full support to the children who drop out of the normal school system, there are fines and prison sentences for parents who do not educate their children, and believe me some of those children run out the minute you get them to the school! So if you get offered a way out you’re going to take it. The end of the day it is about education, not truancy rates that the government sees. It is harder to fight the system with difficult child. Home education is hard work, I know, I now home Ed my son but its right for him. Stop looking at numbers and start doing, there are a lot of children out there that need help with their education. Have things in place to identify early on the children in need of help, prevention is better than cure!


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