teachers get more power!

teachers have more power!

Teachers have a new legal power to help in the classroom. This will allow them to restrain and discipline unruly pupils, this came in on the st April. In the past teachers could restrain under common law, the same as parents. This how ever lead to the culture “you can’t touch me!” in so many children. The new law explicitly states that teachers have the right to remove physically. Teachers can now impose detention outside of school hours and even on Saturdays! While I am glad that this has come in the 2006 Education and Inspections Act I wonder how this can be enforced? Teachers are asked to do so much more these days ,are they going to work Saturdays too? The teacher can now discipline pupils outside of school hours, so if they see badly behaved school pupils on their way home they can discipline them. I have to say that for me while I am glad that the powers to be have given much needed power back to the teacher, it feels like they want the poor teacher to sort out the whole problem! What about the parents, communities as a whole? local police ? the children themselves? I wonder if in reality this is an empty act as to enforce this the teacher becomes the local police!


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