Nursery news?

Nursery link to poor behaviour!

Well here is some news I think a lot of people thought was true but it has been backed up with a report done by the Government. Children who spend more than three days a week in nurseries are more likely to become anti-social worried and upset. They have shown that children were more likely to behave poorly the longer they spent in care. Though the report also says that 30 hours in care increased the child’s confidence.
The report also shows that the amount of months a child attended the nursery had an impact on that child’s behavior. So children who had attended for 18 months or more where rated with more anti-social behavior.
The report was carried out on 800 children in disadvantaged areas.
The moral for me is to check out your Nurseries, and ask what behavior policies are there and how they work. Check the qualification levels of the staff. Always look for more than the required amount! What child/ staff ratio is there. Again you are looking for the best not just the required level. What level of feed back will you expect to get from the Nursery. And the big thing do you feel happy with them!
Some times we shy away from asking difficult questions but when you are looking at the whole development of that very special child you have to ask, if not for you but the future of your child.


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