Aspergers improvement

We hello out there!
It’s been a while but the steady flow of visitors has got to a level that I can now think of other thing. While it’s been great to see people from England you get to a point that you want to just have your house and time for yourself. I think I have done enough sight seeing of the same things for this year! Whats new to your visitor is not new to you! I had got to the point where if I had one more day trip I think I could do the guides job better than her. Now don’t get me wrong I love what Turkey has to offer and the meals out have been of great quality but I started to miss the cooking on a budget. My sons home ed. had started to look like a joke and I just wasn’t keeping up. Roll on August as he can then join an on line school. I think that now we have visitors in June / July/ August!! so I think I have to be recharged by then.
I said I would keep you all posted on my son and the changes in him with his aspergers and living here.WOW! he has improved so much more than I thought possible. He’s not so stressed, the pace of live here is slower. He’s not at all violent, even when on our medical they took blood, they tried to take his blood form his arm and it didn’t work!!!!! So he allowed them to take it from his hand! WOW that hurt. We have a Turkish lady that has two days a week with him so he can pick up Turkish and we have time with out him, this is not too bad and at the moment he is coping with her. He is slightly allowing change to his menu and he loves eating out! At one restaurant we us a lot they see him coming down the road and get his bowl of rice ready for when hes there, which is a great laugh and he feels well love and important! People are just kinder and he fits in.


One thought on “Aspergers improvement

  1. Im so pleased your son seems more relaxed and less stressed. Im learning that making changes small or big really helps in making life that little bit more easier for my 8 year old son. And each day i hear myself say that word WOW. Aspergers is a word that has become a massive part of our lifes but what an amazing life it is.
    My blog is if you ever fell like taking a look or want a chat then thats fab and i will look forward to speaking to you 🙂

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