Autism help!

Autism help

One thing I have been asked for is tips on things that help you child with autism to be able know where there things are. This sound really odd but it has helped so much I’m passing the tip on!

Use electrical tape to mark off a square on the floor to help your child to know where their shoes are. This helps a lot as the shoes are always there and they learn to expect them there and the soon learn to put them there. Great in the morning when you have to be quick!

I have found this tip works really well for placing toys as well. We found that with my son he would tip all his toys over the floor, not being able to think of this as a mess or of sharing “play space” with others. The up shot was rows so we used this tip (making it a larger square as needed) to our wonder it worked! in fact he then had to keep his toys in the box even when playing!

I have also know this tip to work in the school for sitting on the floor in the hall and reading corner. The child then understands with the physical prompt what is expected of them Also great for children with ADHD as the lose mat can just slide around with the child!


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