Aspergers help in ten minutes!

Well my son is a little off color today and that means he’s not his normal inventing self! While it gives me a break I find I miss the inventions!

A big help with my son has to be the “10 minutes” a day idea. This is where in that 10 Min’s you do not offer advise, or help but allow him/her to play/ say what ever is going on in that time (that means no judging!) They call the shoots and you have to fit into what they want to do. This little bit of time allows there self esteem to grow and it builds in you knowledge and skills of your child. This is great as each child is unique! that can get forgotten when you have to deal with schools, home life! other children. The time builds up daily and at first the 10 minutes can feel long but once you both settle to the rules you see growth in both of you.The rules need to be kept as well so no going over the time that you set! How many of us have to spend all our time “fighting” for the child and forgetting to enjoy that same child.


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