Planning is the key!

Planing is the key to helping your child with change. Well I say that but it does boil down to having the time to do this, life often throws changes at short notice!

Things that help can be a simple day counter for the child to tick off as the count down. I have found rather than hide the fact that the doctors or dentist visit is coming up (which my child hates!) we have it on the planner and just don’t get into a decision on the subject. We except that the appointment is there and that they are not looking forward to it. You see thats life we all have things we don’t want to do. I have found that far from it building up to big upsets its put the “problem” into size! Way worse was the way that I used to drop it in on the morning of the appointment, then all hell would break lose. An other way I use this is the count down to a holiday with paper next to the count down to allow picture or words of the things that they need / want to take. This has worked really well and given my child the freedom to not worry that they haven’t packed some thing that is impotent to them. Hope that help.


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