Free tips for hoilday help!

Well like most parents the thought of the holidays brings good and bad. The bad can be the sorting out the child care for the holidays, working while your children are home. The extra bills of day trips, treats, holidays.
So here is a few tips that can really help. Check with friends if you can share the child care, that way you have no extra bills for child care. The children then have a friend over to play on that day or they are at a friends house for some days.
Do a “swap” with friends on videos, DVDs, games and toys. That way you save money and the children play, watch new to them things. No cost for you either! Please help each other by writing down what you have borrowed and when it has to be returned!
Plan for a few trips out that are free or next to no cost. Check your library for reading days specials, see if the local museum has special days for children in the holiday. Get a group of you to do a “Teddy Bear’s picnic” in a local park. All these things can be cheap and great fun.
Ask around if any of you have a talent, face painting, cooking, story telling these offer group fun and lovely stops in the long holiday.
So plan a little helps. Talk to others in the same situation you will be happy with what can happen.


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