Kids and the net!

So the holidays are coming! You know that some of you out there are allowing children to use the net but how safe is it? What do they use? While not wising to ruin their fun how can you see what is safe?

Some tips I use are: Check it out! Look at what they are using. Sit with them and see if that site is ok. Book mark the ones that are fine. Most site that are games have age restrictions for a reason!

Teach your child that they should log out if in doubt! Talk about what they do on line. A lot of parents don’t and so we get lost in what they are doing! Make an agreement, time on line, what they can do and then stick to it. If possible have the computer in a part of the house that is not too private, that way they are not tempted off the “safe” sites and you can check more easily. Chat about what they are doing, keep the communication open. Once at the beginning of the holidays is not enough. Report miss use by others to the Internet service provider. We would not allow our children to wander in adult only areas of our city’s or visit pedophiles! So come on a little work in this field goes a long way. Keep it safe for your child, visit sites they have used ( you only have to look at the history bar) Teach them safety on the net. Then you and the child can see some wonderful thing on line.


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