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Well I have been asked a few times for some good books on the subject of Aspergers, really with the view to helping us mums and the child. A great book I have found easy to read (not full of medical terms!) is “Parenting your Aspergers child” by Alan Sohn and Cathy Grayson.

It’s a book that walks you through diagnosis. Gives you insight into Aspergers from what the child may be going through, to helpful advice on who to see to help your child. This book helps you see the complexity of Aspergers. Allows you to help some of the professionals ( teachers, doctors) to have better understanding of this complexed condition.

Order today through our web site Click on “Holiday essentials, on the top of that page is Waterstone, click then type in the name of book and order. When you have the list up there are a few other books there for you to consider. Hope that helps.

I will in a few days pop up some books that help siblings and friends of your child! I found these helped my daughter a lot and we also found them good for her friends to have better understanding of our home and family. They have also help the “sitter”! We have to help not only the child but all the people around the child.


2 thoughts on “Aspergers great reads!

  1. I reccomend anything by temple grandin I never finished any og=f her works , but what i did read is exellent.

  2. Hi,
    I just started my own blog, and was wondering if you would mind me using your suggestions at my blog as well. Trying to gather some good stuff for those who are knew to the diagnosis.

    Let me know.

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