Well Christmas is fast coming! and for those of us with Asperger’s children it can be a hard time of year. I remember having to learn to tone down Christmas as the whole change was too much for my child. Yes it was hard for me as I loved it all decorating the house, having presents, people popping in and the whole festive thing. I had to learn that each child is unique! my child with Aspergers hated the whole changing thing going on around him! Presents where not nice for him (he hates surprises!) BUT you know once you see how it is for the child you can change to meet them half way! Half the decorations came down. I would (and still do!) ask people to plan in advance their visits. We had charts up saying what happens when, this turn the hell and tempers into sulks! Much better to live with I can tell you. Us parents do have to change and to see what the child’s needs are even if it means a few small changes. The result is a better holiday time for all.


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