Life and times have changed.



I have not been on-line for ages! I had to stop blogging, but I am back now.

Life in the slow lane has carried on and there been some changes. My daughter has moved out and has a place of her own in town (she wanted a faster pace!) my son is still home full time, but he now can stay with my daughter one night a week; this is real respite for me. The thing I have noticed is how he is more open to a change at my daughters flat. There he has to do more of everything from cooking (he is a great cook) but here he lacks motivation, there he has to cook. Here he moans for an hour about drying up, there he just does it. I could find this hard, but on the upside at least I know he can do these things when he has to. This also offers him the chance to try new things, as when he is at home he has the things the way he is used to and feels comfortable with, there he is open to change. We are starting a journey of independent living where we both have to learn.


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