Friendship and that up hill understanding it

Now there are going to be mums/ families out there with children who are in their teens or like me with a child who is a young adult. Now sometimes we can just feel worn-out, believe me; I know! We have got them through school (and boy that was hard work!), had to champion their corner, come what may, and even at times needed to remind other loved ones its not just a phase or nothing is wrong with our kids! (How hard other’s peoples views are at times) I still find some things stay the same for the Aspie, such as making friends. Oh! The ugly head of social skills! Well, help can be at hand here folks with a book I have found on my many hours searching for help for my son to make life easier for him. The book is called;
The Unwritten Rules of Friendship
By Natalie Madorsky Elman and Eileen Kennedy-Moore Both are Ph.D
Now as my son is older, we are working with this book together. You can make that choice, and take a look as it has some really good ideas, tips and strategies. The book breaks down personality types, with ‘does your child…’ and ‘Do you……’ following you get a bit about that type of child, and then it goes on to ‘on the positive side’ and next ‘so what can you do…’ All this is easy to read, worry-free to follow and offers a user friendly way for us to see, and understand some of this difficult area that we just more or less understand naturally. I love the fact it is clear to read and has what you can do ideas. Packed with stories we can all relate to we are at this moment finding this book truly helpful. Ok it is not just for the Aspie of the world, but as long as we can find bits helpful then this makes this a good read. My son is learning about different personality types; I hope this gives him much-needed data and a mental checklist to see who fits into which personality type. This I hope will make the great unknown of; what and why some people tick the way they do. Check it out and have some useful help.


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