Friendship building 2

Helping our children build friendships is a skill that is vital. My son had children who played with him when he was young, from around three years to 12 years but then after that he had other children who attended his unit for Asperger’s, this was within a main school setting, and no hope of friends from the main school. Although the building and some classes would be within the main school, the children with Asperger’s were labelled by the main-stream kids, and no one would be willing to cross that boundary! Friendships ended. So here we are now, 2013, trying to help build skills and understanding years later, my son is now learning things for himself. A good article and useful help with down loadable printable help is;

Here you can see the stages and ages for friendship and there are tips on how to help with friendship building for our kids. At the least, a good read and at best, a place to start where we as parents can see and talk with more authority to teachers and professionals to seek the right help that fits with the child. Be sure to check out the extra information on offer at the end of the page.


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