Tooth problems!!

We had the difficult time of needing the dentist this last week. My son, who for years has refused to clean his teeth regularly has hit that time, where ‘I told you so!’ has happened. The dreaded broken tooth happened. At first, there was total panic as bits of tooth came out of his mouth, then the horror that it had happened! This, as these things do, happened on the evening. My son had no toothache, and so we decided to go to our dentist the subsequent day. So the next day we went to the dentist and on the pleasant news, it is his baby tooth (I have to say here my son is just shy of being 19 years old!) now while this can be seen as good news two things arise 1; the fact he has never needed any treatment and so feels he has ‘Superman’ teeth and so all my nagging means nothing, even though he has seen the dentist for every check-up. 2; real treatment was needed!

The dentist kindly fitted us into a time slot that didn’t exist, and he was seen. He has had to have a few injections to numb everything and needed to have the broken bit still in his gum removed along with some gum that had gone bad! Now I am not good at the dentist so even I did well, but my son did great. He has to use mouthwash five times a day, and he goes back next week to see if any of the tooth can be saved or he has to have the last bit (just over half) removed. While being home he has perked up, and I now have to get him to do the mouthwash and to really learn to clean those teeth! I hope that this negative experience can help him see for himself that something like daily cleaning of teeth is needed, and that I don’t have to have the daily nag of having to try with a half-hour of rowing that goes with this simple request.



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