A book or e-book I have newly found and are going to get is a book called ‘Launching Adult Children’ a guide for parents who want to promote self-reliance. By Mark Hutten, M.A.
As the title says; ‘A guide for parents who want to promote self-reliance for older teens and adult children’. The book claims tips and strategies to help us/ our Asperger’s child to go from unprepared to having the skills to move on and gain independence. This book seems to be striking the balance from the parents need/ wish to protect the person with Apies to enabling the letting go process to happen.
So with such claims I think I will read this and see what I can get from this book. I have felt for a long time the lack of help for this jump for our children/ adults. Schools and collages have to base on education needs, and we are held responsible for the great leap to employment and independent living. Our kids at this moment do not come up high on the help available tables of the social services or health care, both of which can only help the person who really needs help or has extra needs; such as mental health needs or are homeless as well as having Asperger’s. So for me there is only me and my ability to help my son step through the door to adult life. I will share what I found out and how beneficial this has been after I have read the book and tried some of what it says. If you have read this book tell me what you though, has it been helpful?


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