Freindship part three…. When to stop talking!

I came across a useful article on line that is worth a read and has some really good pointers for the person with Asperger’s and close family to try. One of the things I find hard is how to help my son understand when the other person has lost interest or wants to change the subject while he is in full stride. In this article, it starts to cover this area at least the basics to build an interest in what to look out for when the person is getting bored. Its introduction to the signs of loss of interest by the listener; that can be a golden nugget! You can build on this and start to encourage the person with Asperger’s to see more examples in their world. I really liked the list of what makes a good friend. It is to the point and short but holds the values of friendships.
The site is:

Check it out and tell me what you think, and if you found it useful


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