Dentist news

Well, we feel blessed this week as we had great news at the dentist. My son’s baby tooth has been saved. He decided to have this filled, and with a little support, he coped really well. He now has one filling at 19 years old, and that is in his last baby tooth.
Years ago, I read about how it is better to give warning of things the child with Asperger’s hate like doctors or dentist appointment. Now I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea and to save myself hours, I thought of hell. I would spring these dreaded appointments on him the day they were due to happen. I honestly thought I was being kind, reducing the meltdowns to hour’s rather than days. Being more honest here I hated being hit and bitten all the time! So I worked on the shortest possible time for his meltdowns. After reading this about more warning time, more talk about it time, I thought OK we could try, the worst that can happen is I will never do this again! So I built his appointment into his, what we are doing timetable. First, he asked ‘what is this?’ Then ‘Why?’ Then ‘I do not want to go!’ Then we had ‘Take it down!’ But he left it up and now and then he would talk about the up-coming appointment, but no meltdown. Even on the day I was able to say ‘OK here is the day. Here is the appointment’ No meltdown. I can honestly say this changed so much for the better. We still get dread (I mean so many of us dread such appointments) I still get ‘I do not want to go!’ but you know what we do not get meltdowns and that my friends is a truly wonderful breakthrough for both of us. If you ask me now I would 100% say pre-warn the child with Asperger’s in a way that they use be it on the fridge or family diary or like us on my sons ‘what you are doing’ chart. At 19 years old we do not use a chart now but he has phones and computer to put things on but we still may chat about what is coming up.


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