Green thumbs!

My sons plant is so big it lives in the garden now.[/caption]My son has really green thumbs and I thought I would share this with you today.
My son’s plant now needs to live in the garden. Here it is for you to see.

My sons plant is so big it lives in the garden now.

OK now I have to say I do not have ‘Green thumbs’ far from it; I kill all plants by over watering or under watering or the wrong compost just no matter what it is, even if I really, really want it to grow it, the plant dies. My son however just has some sort of magic touch, everything grows for him. Just so you know what I mean here are some photos of our avocado plants. They have all been grown at the same time the same way so go figure how his grows so well.

My daughter’s plant is still indoors and this is a photo close-up of her first leaves that have grown, they are really small and just starting. My son has such green thumbs.
[caption id="attachment_50" align="alignnone" width="300"]My daughters plant, it is so small but is growing. My daughters plant, it is so small but is growing.

By the way, I have always used and explained sayings as things like ‘Pull your socks up!’ ‘Green fingers or thumbs’ used to mean my son would do what you asked rather than understand the saying, so socks would get pulled up. One day, he came home from school really frightened. On asking him what was wrong he told me the teacher had said about the sky falling in, and so he thought the world would end. I asked the teacher the next day and it turned out to be while comforting my son, she had said ‘Well the sky hasn’t fallen, and you are still fine!’ to something that happened that lunch time. So there was my time to use stories and sayings as much as possible to help him understand as many as these as we could.
Sorry for the layout and not right photos but its a learning thing!


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