Positives points to Aspergers

Positive things my son finds with having Asperger’s.

1. Independent thinking:
He can see possibilities that I could only wish to see. I hope this skill will guide him on the path to employment and knowing my son this will be freelance or to be self-employed.
2. Details:
He sees small details that we could over look and just works at them diligently until they have been done. You should see him weed a garden! That is why he hates the job he feels he can’t stop until every weed is out!
3. Stating the truth:
He tells it as it is, and the hard bit is to help him not to offend others and yes some times myself……. The truth can hurt!
4. Friendships:
He sees all friendships as genuine and holds a firm belief that they all should be. It takes him a long time to let go of a friendship that is just not worth the hurt to him.
5. Values:
He has high values that he holds on to and keeps. He wants this in others around him and finds if there are different values he is a little lost.
6. Interests:
He has the ability to have laser sharp focus on his interests. Interests can and do hold his attention and absorb him for hours.
7. Bluntness:
He can say what needs to be said without the bullshit and tiptoeing around the subject.
8. Memory:
He has the most in-depth memory for the smallest thing on a film and can record these years later. He can also do this around things that he remembers years later. The film one is easier to follow as we can see it, but the memory one is harder as only he can see it.
9. Empathy:
He has a deep ability to have empathy with all things. This can lead to being over whelmed; he just cares too much! He hates and cannot watch anything cruel and just wades in to stop it, making often, more trouble for him.
10. 3D thinking:
My son thinks in pictures, and these are multi-sensory images, and he can add more information with logic and valuable perspectives. This has the ability to add more possibilities and is faster than verbal thinking. I can only dream of having half of this ability.

So I hope this may help anyone who wonders or just thinks of the negatives of Asperger’s. All people are individual, and we all bring to this life, skills that we can use and share.


2 thoughts on “Positives points to Aspergers

  1. Hey!

    Very interesting post 🙂 I am similar in ways too & the Empathy and 3D thinking is like me! I am only empathetic in certain areas though, like with poverty, animal abuse etc. That stuff kills me!

    If you take a look at some of my writing & poetry on my blog you can probably see the 3Dthinking in my writing 😀 That’s if you want to 😀

    I genuinely believe that us Aspergians are gifted in ways to see all sides of the world, like we tend to question things that normal people may be wouldn’t even notice! Which can be a good thing but at the same time it’s caused most of my depression 😦

    Great post, Lovely to read!

  2. Haha love point 2, I’m also like that. 🙂 Before we moved house we had a long paver driveway and one day I spend a couple of hours on the ground trying to get it free of weed, between the little stones. I couldn’t stop halfway and just had to finish the job! And when mowing the lawn I could spend a lot of (extra) time removing every single leaf that came falling down after I was finished. It’s a grass area… there shouldn’t be anything else!

    I like what you said about empathy. Most people seem to think that people with Asperger’s don’t have emotions. I would say it’s more likely to be the opposite. There’s too much caring, which often leads to being overwhelmed. Reading a newspaper is almost a task to me. I can better stick to the headlines, because when I start to read an article I’m starting to feel sorry for whatever happened and I’m trying to come up with solutions to prevent things from happening again in the future and can’t let go of a story. Or there’s not enough information and things don’t seem to add up in the article and I start to become like Sherlock Holmes, in a quest for answers to try and solve the case on my own. Very tiring. 🙂

    I also recognize the 3D thinking. It’s about the only positive-ability that doesn’t seem to have a negative side. Well… perhaps the negative would be that I’m not always able to verbalize the solution I can “see” very clear in my mind. And after trying to explain it several times, I need to either draw it or actually create a 3D visual with the computer to help explain it. That can be difficult sometimes, because people normally don’t have the patience (or time) to try and understand me.

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