Dog love that brings out the best in us.

When my son was young, I decided to get a dog. I did my research and thought about what breed would fit with us as a family and what we wanted from a dog. A big factor in this was how my son would be with any dog but would he cope with a dog in the family?
I chose a Labrador/Springer spangle, mixed breed girl. This was one of the best things I ever did. Not only has she been the most faithful friend to my son but the opportunities to take her out and care for her have been wonderful. They have shared 12 years together, and I hope they have more time to come.

Until this last summer boy/ young man, as he is now, and dog have even slept together! Now the dog just can’t do the stairs. As my son has grown up, she has been faithful and ready to accept him with love. Whatever mood he is in, she loves him. She doesn’t talk back, and he can chat to her when ever he wants. She keeps his secrets and fears safe. She sits with him and even in her old age will have time to play games with him.

Dogs offer such good companionship. Here is a place that if he needs to chat and stim, no worries. There is just no judgement, a resting place from the demands from the world. The bond is wonderful to see.
I have over the years seen articles on support dogs for Asperger’s and Autism, and I am glad to say we found this to be true for us. There is just the natural ability from the dog that just knows how to help. Maybe it is in the being there? But whatever it is I am so glad we found this by accident, and my son and dog have shared such a special bond.


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