The lost tooth!

Well, we had an odd week, and my poor son had his new filling fall out! This meant another trip to the dentist and after an x-ray, the dentist and my son decided to pull out the baby tooth, as if by a miracle, his adult tooth has turned and is now coming up where the baby tooth was! So if this tooth keeps on course, my son will have all his adult teeth. When I say miracle, I mean it is! This tooth hid and has been lying sideways; which is why he still had that baby tooth in the first place. Miracle tooth; as I now have named it, has turned and started to grow up in the right place. OK he may need a brace to really get it straight but want a great thing nature can be. From a tooth that had no hope of breaking through in the right place to slowly getting there.

I sometimes wonder if this can be the same in life, we can be feeling and indeed be struggling with something for years before it clicks into place. One of these struggles was my son having a shower without a fight, and I felt that I was just going on and on with no change then suddenly ‘click’ he is getting on with it and showering daily. This is just the same for all of us whether it is weighty loss or giving up smoking or breaking from a bad crowd of friends sometimes it feels like we are endlessly fighting these things, just not being able to break through that negative thought cycle or falling back into the familiar pattern but keep trying, if its something you want, as you will get there in the end.


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