Being ill can some times be a good thing

I’ve been ill, nothing more than a virus, but it has knocked me for six and on top of this, we have had a week of helping others. Now for my son this has turned into a really hard time as I have not had the time or energy to share his interests. He has started a whole new lot of courses on a site called it has a ton of course and he as started to learn how to use programmes on 3D model making. He is really glad to have the mental challenge and is loving learning something he really likes. As I have been ill, I have yet to see how things are going (I haven’t the heart to cough all over him and the screen.) He has a certain level of fear of germs. I hope that soon we can put up some of his work to show you all what he has been doing.

We may not have had the best of weeks but there is great promise in what my son has started, and it reminds me that our adult kids may need extra help but also they can get on without the ‘hand holding’’ some times far better than expected.



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