‘I have been looking into risk assessment for my son. I don’t mean professional help, but something that can be useable for him. Something to help him to stop catastrophizing every area, and building them into unworkable thoughts and actions.
No easy task for either of us and something new that we didn’t know about, but are well aware of the end result’.

While I wrote this post last week things have changed. Not with my son, but I met someone new who by complete chance who has a level of understanding and has done workshops on how to help young men who have Asperger’s and how they think. He has kindly lent me all his work and the course materials for me to read and if any of it can help to use. I am flabbergasted! How this can happen with such a small group of expats and how this has happened when I really needed it. The chances of this happening in the UK is huge but here is mind blowing!
I just am in shock at the timing and the offer of help. The other thing that happened is a friend was there and had no idea we were in such a place of massive negative thinking and has taken it up her own ideas of how to help. Bless Linda, she has decided to take my son out without me, and just allow him to be him and enjoy their time together. My son who likes to go out with her just loved this and he seems fine. They go off with the dog and have a quite walk around off this site and in the forest, all of which if I said lets go my son would hate.
So a good end to this week and maybe light at the end of the tunnel. My son is going out and I have help. This is great news and something I thought would be hard here but has proved the saying ‘As one door closes another opens’. My weekend will be filled with reading and my son will at least get out of the house in a way he likes.


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