How nice, a book worth reading

Today I had a parcel! now that is lovely, but this was topped off by the fact it is a book.
I love books and read lots. This book has been written by a fellow blogger Cynthia Kim, and I have been waiting for her book. ‘I think I might be Autistic’ by Cynthia Kim
As the post here can be so slow. Post going out seems to be good, but coming in is really slow.
This book is about how as an adult you maybe feeling if you have autism spectrum disorder, and helps you to understand you are not alone. It helps you through the process with tips and her insight.
I will blog a review as soon as I have read the book but you know something, it is a great thing to know that there are adults out there that can now get something to help them thought this thought process.
So a review will be coming and I hope we can spread the word to help adults out there that could find this a useful lifeline.
If you want follow Cynthia as she always offers great insight and she is a good read.


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