Book review for a new book about Aspergers/ ASD

I have read the book
‘I Think I Might Be Autistic’ By Cynthia Kim
You can buy a copy as well as read some really helpful posts and information at
In a nut shell this is her story about that huge minefield of getting a diagnosis on the autism spectrum and in sharing her journey of self discovery, and learning about herself with acceptance. One thing you need to know is this is about adults and predominately for adults that are starting to look at themselves and where they may fit or if a label is beneficial for them.
This book has another use, and that is for children who have been labelled on the autism spectrum, in childhood and as older teens to young adults need to discover this journey for themselves. It can be easy for us parents to say ‘Yes, you have Asperger’s’ but to confirm this independently is I think important to the acceptance of who you are. Young adults need to understand their own skills, strengths, and weakness to gain independence and self understanding.
The book offers quick references and tells you where you can seek out additional information.
There is some medical jargon but Cynthia Kim has kept it short and to the point as well as offering the reader what it means in plain English.
So yes, this is a lovely well written asset to anyone seeking answers to the question of ‘Am I autistic?’ offering places to seek information and sharing some great reflective thoughts on ways forward and in just starting to love who you are.


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