Help wanted L.I.L.Y

Today I have a quick post. Some things in life just are, if any of you out there can knit a few squares and post them to this group we will be truly grateful.
Each square you can send becomes some thing so important to these children and their families. When it is cold here it is freezing! Living in a tent with no personal belongings and having to cope with the cold and the shock of not only what you have seen and heard but living in a camp is no fun.
Each square you can send adds hugs to each child that gets a blanket.
Please find time to help.
I am knitting squares and these ladies are some thing else! together we can make a difference.
We meet weekly and knit and sew blankets, BUT the more that help means less cold children this winter!
People help from around the world and you can help too.
Enough said, time to help. Check out the page and then send what you can. If nothing else please share with blogs and tell family and friends.
Thank you


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