Who’s To Blame? Me, Of Course!

What a great read. This as well as the comments, really help me see something useful for my son.

Serene Aspergia


Aspergers Syndrome – Immaturity in adults

Tonight has been an odd one.. I came so close to a meltdown it was literally right there. Somehow I managed to control the boiling point and stop myself from harming. Since realising that I was in depression I’ve lost myself in a big world and almost felt non-existent. Without realising my confidence and self esteem drained and left me with nothing but a dark mind and sour heart. Everything that made me angry was someone else’s fault. I blamed everything and everyone, but myself.

So yet again tonight my mother raises her voice at me, which instantly makes me go into fight or flight mode, usually fight mode. Suddenly I’m telling her she should have used contraception and how irresponsible she was having a child (me). I start blaming her for meeting my father, having sex and bringing me into this world…

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