Hello! My name is Rich, and my Son has Autism!

so well written and a good take on ASD.

Core Health Dynamics

That’s what it feels like most of the time telling someone you have a child who is on the Autism Spectrum. Sometimes it’s like admitting you have a problem, like being an alcoholic or drug user, who is trying to sober up or stay clean. It’s like a confession; like you’ve admitted to some deeply held secret.

And then you wait for the face. The other persons face. The eyes instantly narrow a little as the mouth opens slightly, and from it comes the sound “oh'”! Pure pity. The other person, whether it be a stranger, or a friend, or family member learning of your child’s “terrible bad luck”, that first moment they hear that word ‘Autistic’, they look at you with pity. Then they stumble over what to say next. It’s awkward, for you and especially for them. Especially if they have kids who are excelling at school, on…

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